What Are Some Of The Most Lucrative Deals That Leonardo

Leonardo DiCaprio has had a highly successful career as an actor theviralnewj, producer, and environmental activist, and his net worth has benefited from his many lucrative deals. One of DiCaprio’s most successful business deals was his involvement in the production of the hit film, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The movie grossed over $392 million and netted DiCaprio a whopping $25 million Net Worth. The actor also made a major investment in the tech company, Mobli. He put in $1 million dollars and saw a return of $20 million, netting him a total of $19 million. DiCaprio also signed a lucrative deal with Martin Scorsese to make four films together. This deal has been responsible for some of DiCaprio’s most iconic roles, including his award-winning role in “The Aviator,” his role in “The Departed,” and his latest film, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” In addition, DiCaprio has made a number of investments in green startups Bio Data. He invested in the company, Rubicon Global and saw a return of $20 million. He also invested in the company, SolarCity, and saw a return of $15 million. These deals have all helped to contribute to DiCaprio’s impressive net worth and have been instrumental in his success.

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